Qingyun Zhu, Purvi Shah, Joseph Sarkis
Proceedings of the 2017 Northeast Decision Sciences Institute Annual Conference
Publication year: 2017

Product management activities by marketing, operations, and finance functions have typically
focused on the innovation, acquisition, growth, and management of product lines and products.
The same is true when considering product management for green products. The latter stages of
critical strategic decisions related to product deletion or discontinuation have received less
emphasis. In this conceptual paper the focus is on the green product deletion implications for
supply chain management, which some organizations may view as evolving from a deep green to
a paler shade of green in their product offerings. A proposed strategic framework pays particular
attention to implications for supply chain processes and operational competencies from the green
product deletion decision. In this situation, lessened organizational greenness needs to be
weighed against other organizational competencies. The strategic and inter-organizational
relationships associated with this decision help set the stage for future research on this critical,
yet neglected managerial and industrial marketing issue.

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