Welcome to my teaching portfolio!

I believe that one of the most gratifying aspects of an academic career is the opportunity to teach and interact with students, to guide them, to develop a well-designed course and related materials, and to learn a great deal in that process. Teaching involves four important duties (1) planning and preparation, (2) performance, (3) evaluating student learning and providing feedback, and (4) teaching development activities. These duties can be performed effectively when teachers possess the knowledge and skills proposed by the Pedagogical Competence framework (Madhavaram & Laverie, 2010). Planning and designing Teaching Portfolios enable teachers to not only showcase their Pedagogical Competence (evaluative or summative purpose) but also reflect upon and present how they develop and enhance this Pedagogical Competence as an ongoing process (developmental or formative purpose).

This portfolio presents various documents and materials which suggest the scope and quality of my  teaching. The process of designing this portfolio has enabled me to reflect about my teaching and learning experiences, think critically about my teaching style, and develop innovative pedagogical tools that facilitate learning. This portfolio serves both, summative and formative purposes, is dynamic in nature, and will be regularly revised and updated throughout my academic career.






Madhavaram, S. and Laverie, D. A. (2010), “Developing pedagogical competence: Issues and implications for marketing education,” Journal of Marketing Education, 32(2), 197-213.